Batch Plant Fabrication

A few weeks ago, we were contacted to recondition a customer’s high-demand batch plant. The chutes of this batch plant were severely worn out from the years of concrete batching (including hoppers, bins, mixers, and the like), so this was a job that involved service and fabrication outside of our shop. It was an all-hands-on-deck job that took place on-site — involving custom chute work, refabrication, and reinstallation.

Reconditioning the batch plant took us just two weeks, exceeding the expectation and helping our customer get up and going quickly so they could satisfy their contracts and commitments.

Here’s the basic process of the job:

First, we took a 550 ton crane to lift the silo. The double silo weighed 127,000 pounds. We have the capability to rig our own loads, as you can see here:

Crane lifting Silo 6

And here’s a video:

Then we tore down the old concrete drum, shoots, and catwalk.

After this, we reconditioned the silo, and relined the shoots with urethane and AR steel. This photo shows the process of stripping everything out of the shoots before we relined them.


We also refabricated the cat walks  as well as the substructure.



Then we installed a new concrete drum,


And then we installed new catwalks and subframe.


Finally, we re-installed the silo.


Here is the finished product:

Thanks to our customer for the opportunity to assist in their project! Contact Lange Fay at our Utah office for information on how we can help you build and fix your equipment.