Case Study: KPI-JCI FT4250

FTG Construction Materials in California recently did a case study to see which machine (feeder, crusher, and screen) is the best for their business of using recycled concrete to produce class 2 road base. The brands they compared were: Powerscreens, Sandvik, Nordberg, and KPI-JCI. This video shows how the KPI-JCI FT4250 impactor came out on top. While he lists the reasons why he thinks the KPI-JCI is the better product in this video, we thought we’d make it simple and give you 7 reasons why the KPI-JCI screen rocks the competition.

  1. Remote control. The FT4250 is the only crusher that uses a remote control. If you need to adjust something, turn the machine off, or if something goes wrong, you can handle it without getting off the machine you’re on. It’s all right there on the remote — making life safer and more convenient for you.

  2. Mobility. Breaking it down and making it street-legal is fast and easy. Within 45 minutes it can be up and running.

  3. Most user-friendly. Learning how to run it doesn’t take a degree in computers. Our customers always notice and appreciate that.

  4. Easy maintenance. Unlike the competition, the FT4250 is easy to work on. The crusher housing opens hydraulically, which provides greater access for a serviceman.

  5. Safety. Not only is the maintenance easier, but it’s also safer. Because the openings to reach the crusher chamber are larger, less maneuvering is necessary for a serviceman.

  6. Simplified Electronics. Unlike other brands, KPI-JCI doesn’t over-do the computers, making it less confusing to use.

  7. Cost-effective. Due to the availability of U.S.A-made parts and the ease of maintenance, the KPI-JCI FT4250 most likely will cost less in the long run.

The FT4250 is the most popular for contractors in California, and we’re proud to help out this customer with a KPI-JCI crusher that works for his business.