Material Handling

After the crushing process is complete, a plant needs equipment to process, sort, and classify the material. We carry a full line of stock conveyers, overlands, and stackers. In addition to our stock material handling products, many of our clients seek us out for our expertise with overland conveyor systems. We can build a custom conveyor system to transport your material for up to several miles.

Portable Chassis/Stationary Structures

When selecting new equipment, customers either decide to mount it on a portable chassis or on a stationary structure. Our manufacturing shop will create a support structure specifically for your equipment to make it easy for you to transport, secure, and operate your plant.

Material Transfer

Crushing sites are becoming increasingly complex. Goodfellow is fully equipped to build custom chutes, material transports, and wear liners to ensure your material moves how you need it. Ask our sales team about some of our past projects and how that relates to your current needs.