Equipment Service

We take maintenance and repair seriously. Because we want you to be as productive as possible, we stock over $7 million in parts on-hand between our five locations in Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and California. Our Parts Representatives are ready and available to help you get the parts and service you need in a quick and affordable manner.

We are a KPI-JCI stocking Dealer. We expedite quickly and professionally.

Trained Service technicians available for immediate response. Factory trained and M.S.H.A. certified technicians Browz approved.

Field Repairs

In House Repairs and Service is available at our locations in Utah, California, Arizona, Nevada, and at your site in these same states.

We stock cast wear parts for a variety of rock crushing equipment and conveying components.

Routine Maintenance

Crushing equipment requires routine maintenance to stay functional. Since crusher operation brings rough movements, your equipment needs to be serviced according to proper schedules. We are outfitted to service your equipment at our regional locations. We carry the correct oil and lubrications to keep your plant up and running, eliminating downtime.